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movable bridgeMany people confuse the fact that bridge construction companies are same as the normal road construction companies. Actually, there is not much difference between two types of companies and usually one can do others as well. However, bridge construction requires some specialized personnel and machines to complete the process of bridge making.

movable bridge construction

There was a time when gifted amateurs used to build the bridges. However, there are some things that are not possible without proper machines and personnel. For instance, suspension bridges require several different professionals to work together. You need a structural engineer who can design the structure for towers and support structure. Similarly, you need engineers for design of black tops and other causeways.

movable bridge rehabAnother thing that bridge construction companies should do is that they need specialized machinery, which is slightly more expansive and requires specialists to run it. For instance, you need special concrete mixers that can push the fresh unseat concrete into various nooks and crannies of your bridge. At the same time, you have to make sure that the concrete feed is uniform and fills up every corner to the right thickness. Similarly, you will need people who have experience and knowledge of running these machines.


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vertical lift bridgeOne also needs to understand that different kinds of bridges require different kind of construction techniques. For instance, some pedestrian bridges do not require reinforced concrete. Companies use iron girders, sheets and braces to build these bridges. There are several other kinds of bridges, which these companies build for their clients. They include golf bridges and other kinds of ornamental and decorative bridges.

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To cut the long story short, it is not possible for ordinary companies to build bridges, as they do not have the necessary expertise, machinery and resources to build bridges. You need to have a team of professionals armed with proper tools to build them.

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